Running Injuries

What are

Running is probably one of the easiest ways to develop an injury. There are many injuries that could happen while running, but the most common are shin splits, runner’s knee, and anterior compartment syndrome.  Runner’s knee is a thick, fibrous band of fascia which runs down the outside of the thigh and connected just below the knee.  When the band becomes tight it can rub against the knee causing much pain and inflammation.  Shin splints are pain in the front part of the lower leg.  Anterior Compartment syndrome is pain and swelling during exercise on the front lower leg.



Most running injuries are caused by lack of stretching or incorrect training techniques.  Some running injuries are caused by running on hard uneven surfaces for a long period of time and wearing poor footwear. First time runners, who are out of shape, might run too much and overdo it. Other factors might include improper form and technique.



The most common sign and symptom of running injuries is pain. The symptoms also include swelling, bruising, not being able to move joint, or feeling tearing or popping.



There many ways to treat running injuries.  Depending on the type of running injury, you might want to put ice on the painful area, take anti-inflammatory medication, and especially rest so your body can heal. If you have any running injuries and you continue to run, it will only delay the recovery process and make the injury worse.



To help prevent running injuries you can keep hydrated to avoid heat injury.  Also you should always stretch regularly before running to prevent muscular arches, pains, and cramping and decrease the possibility of causing a muscular injury.  Purchase a new pair of shoes when your old shoes reach a maximum of 400 miles.