Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

Tarsal tunnel is a common problem that exists on the inside of the ankle. Tarsal Tunnel is a squeezing or compression on the tibial nerve, which is located next to the ankle bones. Symptoms of Tarsal tunnel can vary from inside of the ankle down to the foot.



Tarsal tunnel can be caused by anything that squeezes the tibial nerve. Injuries like ankle sprains are the most common reason for tarsal tunnel since they compress the tibial muscle. Diabetes and arthritis that cause swelling can also put pressure on the ankle and cause tarsal tunnel syndrome. People with flat feet also have a higher risk for tarsal tunnel since the tilting of the heel due to the fallen arches can cause compression on the ankle.



Common symptoms of tarsal tunnel include numbness, shooting pain, burning or tingling on the inside of the ankle or on the bottom of the foot. Symptoms can be located in only one spot, or may spread to the toes and heel of the foot. The symptoms can also start suddenly, which is often caused by standing, exercising, or walking for a long period of time.



There are many treatments for tarsal tunnel. Before starting any type of treatment for tarsal tunnel, make sure to see a chiropractic doctor to help decide what is the best type of treatment for your tarsal tunnel. Physical therapy can help to reduce the symptoms of tarsal tunnel. Certain orthotic devices such as shoes or braces can also help treat tarsal tunnel syndrome. Surgery can also help treat tarsal tunnel, but should be seen as a last resort.